Drupal facebook login on your site!


1. Install a Drupal web site

2. Configure your facebook app (http://developer.facebook.com -> apps)

3. Configure your drupal site with the http://drupal.org/project/fb module.

4. Add like buttons, activity feeds and more facebook plugins with the fb_social module.


Configure your facebook app


Become a facebook developer and log in to https://developers.facebook.com/apps

Click create a new app

Fill in most data, and enable the website / mobiel website and App on Facebook tabs.

In thede tabs add your url to your website

After saving this it's neede to configure the authentication settings:


For starters, add yout basic information here.


Configure your facebook social

First download , and enable the fb_social module.

Then go and add some social plugins.

Make sure you dont add them in nodes but add them as blocks (you have to check that).

After that is so easy to place your social like/feed/pile block in you site with the default blocks interface or with context (yay).