Frederik Wouters

What I do now (freelance)

  • Drupal 7
    • module development
    • theming
    • solr search (more than just the apachesolr module)
    • varnish reverse proxy cache (incl ESI etc.)
  • Rest API's, SOAP api's, other API's
  • Angular
  • Laravel

This means

  • I know my ways in git
  • I know stuff about http 1.1 (specially about the the cache headers...)
  • I know what "rest" means

This does not mean

  • I'm not a teamplayer. On the contrary I'm very active in teams. I organized weekends, field trips and a lot more.
  • I only do backend development. As a matter of fact, I can generate more ideas than most people I know (good and bad). 

Some of the projects I worked on

  • (intro to multisite drupal, minor contributions)
  • (typical stuff, views, Contenttypes, hooks)
  • (main contributor)
  • (bugfixing)
  • (main contributor)
  • (main contributor+ infrastructure)
  • kinepolis.[be|fr|es|ch] (infrastructure + tech lead)
  • (code driven multisite)
  • q-music.[be|nl] (code driven multisite)
  • (in particular it's api)
  • Selligent (multiple websites)